Posted April 12, 2017 by Drew Bagay in Comics

Todd McFarlane Tells a Story About SPIDER-MAN Corner Box Art

There have been many great creators who’ve had legendary runs on Marvel’s Spider-Man, and one of them was Todd McFarlane. In a Facebook live stream, McFarlane shared the history of his iconic corner box art for his work on Amazing Spider-Man.

In old issues of Marvel comics, a box located at the top left corner of the issue contained an artwork for the titular character, the price, issue number and the Comics Code Authority rating. When McFarlane went on board, he suggested changing Spider-Man’s pose from running to him hanging upside down from a web line, believing that one of the character’s main appeal is his webbing. McFarlane’s corner box art first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #302, and was used for quite some time. But the corner box was eventually removed by Marvel in all of their comics altogether.

McFarlane thought his original art for the corner box was lost forever until Marvel mailed him the original art back in 2011. He continually improved the art over the years as he worked on the title, making slight changes to the details.

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