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TOP 5 KOMIKS CREATORS Leading Double Lives

Ask any journalism graduate if this is true and they will say yes—they have written essays in the past using Clark Kent and Peter Parker as their inspirations in pursuing a job in the media industry. Journalism professors’ favorite quote in ethics classes is Uncle Ben’s “With great power comes great responsibility.” But even so, I never dared mix comics and journalism, the same way I do not eat chocolates with onion, until I wrote an indie last year and covered comic-related events in my free time.

But as it turns out, there are a lot of komiks creators who also lead double lives and have hectic schedules that can match those of Wolverine and Spiderman. Here’s my top five:


5. Paolo Fabregas

Alter ego: Simon Williams

“Bridesmaid ka lang” may be the line that would be forever be tagged to Paolo Fabregas, the creator of Filipino Heroes League. Apart from appearing in television commercials and soap operas, Fabregas also did some acting in theatre before writing copies for an ad agency. If he ever gets the chance to work for Marvel Comics after being shortlisted in a talent search last weekend, he can perhaps try out for Broadway or Hollywood too.

Paolo Fabregas (Photo from Inquirer.net)


Dream Komiks Project:

A semi-autobiographical comic on his shift from acting to advertising. What was it like when people say “you’re that guy on TV” or “what are you doing here?” or “Sample! Sample!”





4. Hazel Manzano

Alter Ego: Barbara Gordon (Not the librarian side, the pseudo-call center agent-boss side)

 Need a job? Callworks creator Hazel Manzano is a call center work force manager. Boom. She’s the boss.

Hazel Manzano



Dream Komiks Project:

 She has already written about call center agents and satanism so let’s mash these up. After working in the graveyard shift, call center agents prepare to go to their homes. But upon exiting the building, they see Ayala Avenue overrun by demons. This also happens in Ortigas, Alabang and UP Techno Hub. Everyone who were sleeping while the call center agents were working died in the apocalypse. The call center agents are the last surviving humans at this side of the planet. Still believe this is a dead end job?



3. Teddy Pavon


Alter Ego: (Future) Matt Murdock

Teddy Pavon, artist of  last year’s Komikon Awards’ Best Webcomic, “Work in Progress,” is a graduating law student. First thing that comes to mind is that law students are brainy. This means this multimedia arts graduate fully utilizes the two sides of his brain. Second thing that comes to mind—law school equates to zero social life. You can see his dedication in creating comics whenever there’s a new Wip comic up on a Wednesday.


Teddy Pavon (Photo by Michael Butnag)

Dream Komiks Project:

A blind lawyer with radar sense protects Tondo. Scratch that. A gamma-irradiated lawyer defends superhumans in Sandiganbayan. Hmm. Someone already did that.

Just let Teddy do some superhero story! A giant emo teddy bear or something. What, someone already drew bears??




2. Heubert Khan Michael

(Actually, Samson's a psychiatrist, not a psychologist)

Vampirella artist and Unstoppable creator Heubert Khan Michael was a school guidance counselor before he drew comic pages full-time. He also has a masters’ degree in psychology. I believe his background suits the medium because a lot of introspection happens in comics. I wonder what he thinks of Fredric Wertham’s “Seduction of the Innocent,” the book that said  comics are psychologically harmful to kids, and if mainstream comic writers accurately depict the mentally ill as villainous.


Dream Komiks Project:

Heubert Khan Michael (Photo from Comicvine.com)

 In the “Bayan Knights” universe, a psychologist claims that so-called superheroes suffer delusions, hence explaining the proliferation of costumed vigilantes.The heroes find themselves inside an asylum after a long storyline. “Superpowers don’t exist,” the antagonist says. “It’s all in the mind.”




1. Dr. Carlo San Juan

Alter Ego: Donald Blake

You don’t need to worry when someone passes out in conventions if Dr. Carlo San Juan, creator of “Callous” web comics, is present. I believe it would be cool if instead of registering for a slot in the Komikon Indie Tiangge, he gets his own nook that also works as a first aid station. Ok, scratch that one. I think when I saw him wearing scrubs in a convention, it gave me the idea to wear a tie and slacks on my first Komikon to attract buyers. Even without the Hippocratic Oath, Doc was kind enough to help me find my table.


Dr. Carlo San Juan and his new angel.

Dream Komiks Project: 

Tired of seeing patients die, a doctor uses “arbularyo” medicine to save lives but this comes with a price. The ducks must die.

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