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Mervin Malonzo is a freelance designer specializing on web, animation and motion graphics. Nowadays, he’s working on his komik series: Tabi po. Which it has been praised by many people on the web.

To it’s introductory, it is about mga aswang, maligno, lamang-lupa at iba pang kagiliw-giliw na mga nilalang.
He has just released his first issue in his Tabo Po website (http://www.tabi-po.com). It is 6 pages full of mysterious creepiness & suspense. The words in the komik are in Filipino. Tabi po is full of great art & nice story that will make you want to see and read more. But, do not worry Malonzo will release his issues weekly.

So, beware. My projections on basing it on his first issue, his name and this book will grow big and bigger in the Filipino Komiks scene.

I’ll let you read some people who commented on it:

…the art alone makes it worth a visit.
Paolo Chikiamco
(on Rocket Kapre)

Hey, Mervin, Nice to see you. Tulad ng sabi ko dati, Shit, ang bagsik! Lalampasuhin mo kami lahat.
Gerry Alanguilan
(on indie komplex)

read this! interesting, creepy horror Tagalog Komix… art looks great …looking forward to what happens next!
Budjette Tan
(on facebook)

Mervin Malonzo’s work reminds me of those old tabloid horror komiks and the House of Mystery before it was Gaiman-ized (hmmm and some Tales From the Crypt eps)
Tzaddi Salazar
(on Trust your black shirt)


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