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NeverHeard WebComic‘s Lucky Coin is a weekly webcomic strip that tells the story of a guy who finds well, a lucky coin, that gets him into a string of events that couldn’t be anything but luck.

Mel Casipit‘s story of the unnamed heartbroken-turned-super lucky protagonist brings quite a laugh with each and every post. Every issue packs some laughs and it’s amusing how I ended up looking forward to the next comic, wondering how the lucky coin would affect the leading guy’s life next. Usually taking up four panels, the story moves on ending with some sort of punchline after a given sequence.

However, being a weekly webcomic, there might be some people who wouldn’t be into Lucky Coin‘s set-up. For a sequence or a chain of events, usually it’ll take up two or three issues. That would mean waiting for two to three weeks to get to the punchline and then another to begin with the next. Looking at the bright side, the set-up adds more punch and twist to the last one.

The art’s plain and simple and it really matches the lightheartedness of the comic. The color’s vibrant and the illustration’s solid, making the comic easy to follow and understand even for kids as Lucky Coin tackles the story silently like the other comics featured in NeverHeard. No dialogue boxes or balloons and there’s barely any sound effect texts but the art makes up for it through its macros, focusing on the character’s facial expressions and emotions and even the simple gestures that lead to bigger events or funnier moments.

Lucky Coin‘s something that could be easily picked up and read casually. People would get the plot even without seeing the beginning where the lead character picks up an unusual coin.  In all honesty, I’ve never heard of NeverHeard WebComics before and I think it’s a good thing that I got introduced to the cute,simple and funny story of Lucky Coin.

About Mel Casipit:

A freelance comic artist, illustrator, visual artist and caricaturist, Mel Casipit had self published indie comics,won three (3) consecutive timmes at the Indie comics Creation contest of the Annual Philippine Comics Convention and was also awarded as Komikon 2011?s Grassroot Awardee. Mel’s an alumni of Pangasinan State University and also a licensed teacher. Check out more of his works by visiting his DeviantArt.

About NeverHeard WebComics:

NeverHeard WebComics is a Philippine-based webcomic anthology site that brings new works everyday from Mondays to Fridays. Their comics range from love stories to fantasy and even slice-of-life ones. To read more free webcomics or to check out more info about NeverHeard, visit their site at http://www.neverheardwebcomics.com/

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