Posted June 17, 2011 by Earl Maghirang in Comics

X-Men Relaunches Two New Books After Schism

Things are looking really serious with the release of a new teaser from Marvel featuring two groups of X-Men and the announcement of two new books following the end of Schism.

The two new books will be called “Uncanny X-Men # 1 and Wolverine and the X-Men # 1 which will be written by Kieron Gillen and Jason Aaron respectively.

Though its too early to determine which mutant goes to which team, Chris Bachalo’s teaser art seems to point that Emma Frost will joining Wolverine’s team of mutants who would like to integrate back into society. That definitely seemed like a big shock especially since she’s always been constantly behind Cyclops back ever since they hooked up after New X-Men.

X-23 in the side of Cyclops also makes sense since the Uncanny team would still need a Wolverine figure with them. And with the absence of Logan in the team, Laura will definitely be a great replacement. Also good to know that Iceman will still stay by Scott’s side although Warren goes with Wolverine who also serves as co-captain for Uncanny X-Force.

Hope we get to know who would be penciling these two X-titles.

Earl Maghirang