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Y: THE LAST MAN Movie Goes Production Hell, Rights Revert To Creators


After a long period of discussion and planning, it was reported that the supposed movie adaptation for the classic series Y: The Last Man had gone production hell, with New Line Cinema reverting the rights back to its creators.

Earlier today, Dan Trachtenberg who was hired to direct the project, tweeted a informative message when asked about its current status:


In lieu of the recent developments, Slash Film contacted Dan to obtain more details regarding the issue. Here’s an excerpt from the said interview:

Dan Trachtenberg on his version:
Truly- I was excited to make an ADVENTURE movie, with swashbuckle, that was fun and funny but had something to say. Which is something that is distinctly BKV. Having real, true, honest ,people stuff amidst the big, fun, action stuff. We were in many ways quite faithful to the comic, though some characters were combined and some events re-arranged and some brief moments of action we dug into to create bigger action/adventure sequences.

On the script:
The script was essentially the first two trades. Taking inspiration from the original Star Wars (Episode 4)- we wanted to tell a complete story…but not the whole story. Hoping that, in success, we could get tell the rest of our serialized adventure.

Raiders of the Lost Ark was referenced a lot. Midnight Run and Big Trouble in Little China were referenced a lot. Willow and Ladyhawke I may have referenced a little too often…

Any hope it gets made in the future:
I’m not sure Brian will ever want to do anything more with it and I’m not sure that he needs to.

We’ll be updating you with this news as this story is still developing.



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