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GOD OF WAR: ASCENSION Info and Trailer goes Online!

Anyone who owns a Playstation and knows the name Kratos certainly knows God Of War… And now news has leaked that will excite those itching for a return to bloodbath and action gaming galore! When we last left the man also...
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PSP Game: The 3rd Birthday. Finally Arrives In The US This March!

Playsation Portable owners who have been wondering when the localization release of “The 3rd Birthday” will be can finally rest easy, as Square Enix has announced that the US version of the game gets a release date ...

Crusader Scoop: Sony Playstation NGP – Official details, photos, and trailer!

Sony went off to an amazing start for the first month of 2011, most prominently by introducing the successor to their mobile gaming platform the Playstation Portable – The Next Generation Portable or NGP!