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5 Comic Book Titles That Can Be Adapted Into Movies

Today’s generation of comic book fans are extremely lucky. We live in a time where our beloved comic book titles are being adapted into movies, bringing our paperback heroes even closer to and larger than life before our ...

Rebooted DCU : The fuss and What to Get ?

As we all know, the DC Universe gets “rebooted” this September, after the DCU Event — Flashpoint by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. A lot of rants and raves surrounds the DC reboot – the designs, Superman n...

GEEKLY WEEKLY: Comic Guide (Sept. 22, 2010)

Our picks of comics (singles, TPBs, HCs OGNs) that will be released weekly . We know that comic books are expensive and its hard to spend cash these days. We are here to guide what books are great and worthy to buy.