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Drones Every Geek Deserve in 2018

Drones these days are way expensive and most of them do look alike. For geeks, drones should have something that may peek our interest. It should have the flare with reliability, convenience, and an inexpensive price tag. Fortunately, Propel PH reveals their initial trump card - Batwing HD.

large batwing-Pe(01-17-15-34-38)Partnered with DC, this pocket-sized and reversed-propulsion drone can pack a punch from its Tim Burton’s Batman-inspired or Batman: The Animated-inspired Batwing look. It can do 360-degree aerial stunts and has a 3-speed setting that it can run up to 30 mph, giving every geek a great Batman flying experience! With a PhP 3,000 price tag, it is so easily affordable for everyone that you can definitely help Batman taking out the bad guys real quick! The HD of the drone name comes from its  720p High Definition camera that can take up to 32 GB, Its perfect for taking quick snaps and videos.

Other than Batwing HD, here are the Hover Heroes Batman & Superman. These two get so along together in the comic books, now they can fly too.

IMG_0381(11-11-1(01-17-15-34-38) (1) IMG_0382(11-11-1(01-17-15-34-38)

The Hover Heroes line with each drone priced at PhP 900, is a simple, no fuss motioned controlled Hover drones for both kids (older than 6 years old) and kids at heart. The perfect drone for those who are looking for no frills, fun flying that is effortless and uncomplicated. It’s your hands underneath, and watch as they hover, fly, and save the day.

These drones are available now in Propel RC PH. However, FlipGeeks will try and give you a special link for you to purchase these drones very soon.

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