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THOR Smartphone Charger


Still cant get enough of Thor after watching Thor: The Dark World?Every popular movie has its own line of merchandising and Thor wouldn’t be an exception. Since most people nowadays uses Smart phones for their mobile devices one problem that goes along with having a smartphone is battery. Different powerbanks or mobile chargers are made available in the market but Im sure that this is the one that you’d definitely want to have!


Thor’s Mjolnir as your portable smartphone charger.

Imagine having to charge your smartphone using Thor’s very own Mjolnir! That’s like having the power of thunder in the palm of your hands (well not really, just enough power to bring energy back to your phone)! Thor’s Mjolnir charger measures 5.1”x3.1”x2’and weighs up to one pound depending on battery capacity. The Mjolnir has a full-size and micro-USB ports that can provide 2.1amps of power. This Mjolnir even lights up and has sound effects when you swing it just like how Thor does it! The Mjolnir Smartphone charger is only available in Asia as of this time with price starting at $125 (around P5400). If you have the spare cash, the Mjolnir smartphone charger would really be an awesome accessory to your smart phone.

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