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FlipGeeks Podcast: Issue #2 – Interview with George R.R. Mervin Malonzo

December 31, 2017
Norby (@norbyela) celebrates the end of 2017 by interviewing Mervin Malonzo (@mervinmalonzoart) of Haliya Publishing and Tabi Po.


Adam David and Mervin Malonzo Launch ANG SUPERSIBO

October 16, 2014
Jose Rizal’s classic revolutionary novels get the komiks treatment, as Adam David and Mervin Malonzo bring Ang Supersibo, a serialized webcomic adaptation of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. The webcomic aims to tell the melodramatic story of Juan Crisostomo Ibarra y Magsalin, a young scholar w...


ONE-FOURTH REPORT: Mervin Malonzo + Noel Pascual = The Other Half and more

April 11, 2014
Conversation started March 9 [2014] [Norby Ela created a group conversation with Mervin Malonzo and Noel Pascual] NORBY ELA: There you go! [laughs] MERVIN MALONZO: Ayan! NOEL PASCUAL: Hello hello! NE: Handa ka na, kababayan Noel? [laughs] NP: Oo, handa na, kababayan! [laughs] MM: Shoot! NE: So guys, kamust...

The Other Half

KOMIKS INTERVIEW & REVIEW: The two halves of ‘The Other Half’, Mervin Malonzo and Noel Pascual

Komiks Interviews
April 1, 2014
I got the chance to review one horror story lately, The Other Half. Given the title, I thought Norby gave me a romance piece! Now that’s new! But to my surprise, it’s not plus we’ve got two big names acting as two halves of what I found as an awesome piece: Mervin Malonzo and Noel […]

Tabi Po Visprint teaser

MERVIN MALONZO: ‘Tabi Po’ will be Published by VISPRINT in 2014

July 3, 2013
Last time we interviewed Mervin Malonzo, he mentioned we will get to see Tabi Po in printed form in 2014. Guess what? He just made an announcement about that! “Ayun! At saka pala, malaki ang chance na sa susunod na taon, magkakaroon na ng print copy ang Tabi Po. May nakausap na kong publisher. Ayoko [&hell...

Tabi Po

Mervin Malonzo: Tabi Po in Film

June 24, 2013
Tabi Po is being considered for a movie adaptation by an international film production company, says its creator Mervin Malonzo on a recent post last Monday, June 17. In an interview with Sir Malonzo this week, he said an LA-based film production company showed interest when the story of Tabi Po will be fi...


LOKAL GRIND: Mervin Malonzo

September 5, 2011
Today, let’s do our usual rant. We’ll view the Comic Book/Webcomic Creator, Mervin Malonzo. I had an interview with Mervin Malonzo back then when he started with his webcomic: Tabi Po. I saw true talent and potential on him. If I would ever had an award to give last year, I would just give him:...


Tan, Baldisimo, Hontiveros, Guerrero and Malonzo Reunite For The Black Bestiary: An Alejandro Pardo Compendium

April 14, 2018
What do you really know about those scary creatures your lola used to warn you about? Prepare to be spooked as five of the most illustrious figures in the country’s comic book scene band together once again to reveal the terrifying creatures and beasts that haunt local folklore. Coming soon from Summit Boo...


KOMIKS REVIEW: The terrors of Malonzo and Pascual’s The Friendzone

Pinoy Komiks
April 22, 2014
friendzone: noun informal; a situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other. It is generally considered to be an undesirable or dreaded situation by the lovelorn person. Last time I told you about how I got fooled by The...

FCBD 2018 feat cover

Celebrate FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2018 in the Philippines

May 3, 2018
It is that time of the year! It is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)! It is that annual celebration of comic books around the world where participating comic book stores and publishers give out FREE & EXCLUSIVE comic books as a way to thank fans and also attract new readers into comics. It is held every first...