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Start The NBA Season With NBA 2K24!

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In celebration of the upcoming NBA season, gamers can avail discounts on  NBA® 2K24 in the console of their choice — Sony, Microsoft, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. For a limited time only, you can save on the Standard Edition and Black Mamba Edition of NBA 2K24.

  • Standard Edition: Get up to 35% off via Sony Playstation and Microsoft. You can also pick up a copy for 40% off via Steam, and 35% off via Switch. See full dates and availability below**.
  • Black Mamba Edition: Get a copy of the Black Mamba Edition for up to 35% off for Sony and Microsoft players. It is also available via Steam for 35% off. See full dates and availability below**.

NBA 2K24 is the latest iteration of the top-rated NBA video game simulation series that presents enhanced features and gameplay, delivering animations and movements inspired by real-life action on the court that create an immersive experience for players. The award-winning NBA basketball sports video game simulation series features a series of innovations, from ProPLAY, a brand-new beachfront City*, to the MAMBA MOMENTSTM mode and more.

NBA 2K24 Season 2 Key Art

To heat things up, NBA 2K24 has also unveiled Season 2 — featuring phenomenal rewards like a Level 39 Cyborg suit and new MyTEAM cards. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to experience the future of the NBA alongside international prospect Victor Wembanyama, who has been touted as one of the best prospects since LeBron James. This season also brings fresh content, new opportunities to earn rewards, and new music.

Here’s what you can expect in season 2 of NBA 2K24.

  • MyCAREER gears up for new rewards for players to unlock, including a Level 20 Slime BMX Bike (both gens), a Level 30 Mascot Costume in MyCAREER (both gens), a Level 39 Cyborg Suit (both gens) and for New Gen players a Level 40 Gold Floor Setter and for Current Gen players, an Extra Badge Point.NBA 2K24 Season 2 Chrome Cyborg
  • MyPLAYER features 20 new NBA player templates for New Gen in Season 2 and, for the first time, 2K community created templates. Templates serve as a foundation for building a MyPLAYER. Season 2 offers legendary playmakers like Jason Kidd and Steve Nash to punishing rim protectors in Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard. For even more options to choose from, prominent members of the 2K community will also have builds featured in game like SHAKEDOWN 2012’s 2-way, 3-level threat shooting guard archetype and BROTHA JONES’s hybrid small forward leaving no shortage of options to choose from.
  • MyTEAM will feature new Diamond cards of basketball legends. Players will start off the season by earning a Level 1 Free Agent Victor Wembanyama and can grind through the rewards ladder to unlock a Level 40 Diamond Wilt Chamberlain card, while earning a bunch of other reward cards along the way. With two new premium collections, players can pick up a Diamond Tim Duncan and Diamond Carmelo Anthony as Collection Rewards or as Special Inserts in the Pack Market. Season 2 will also launch with a Diamond Michael Jordan available both as a Special Insert in the Pack Market, and directly in the Player Market.NBA 2K24 Season 2 Donovan Mitchell
  • The W features seasonal rewards, including a Tiffany Hayes Jersey and a Sandy Brondello MyTEAM Coach Card, as well as weekly rewards like a Breanna Stewart Heroine Edition Jersey, Team Accelerator Boosts, Team Resilience Boosts, Sparks Logo Cards and more.NBA 2K24 Season 2 Coach Greg Popovich
  • Season Pass means players can earn even more rewards each Season. Season 2 Pro and Hall of Fame Season Pass features 40 extra earnable rewards consisting of Skull Face Paint, Carbon Fiber Cyborg Suit, Diamond Shoe + Boosts Option Pack, 45,000 earnable VC, 25,000 earnable MTP, Sci-Fi Armor and Gloves, an alternate artwork Diamond Wilt Chamberlain card, and more. To kick things off, unlocking Pro Pass for Season 2 will instantly grant players an Amethyst Donovan Mitchell along with a Hall of Fame Hyperdrive badge card, an oversized eyeball hoodie, and a pair of eyeball cargo sweats.

2K Beats will be dropping new music every Friday from renowned artists and up-and-coming innovators in celebration of the NBA 2K franchise’s 25th anniversary, adding to the diverse culmination of tracks from artists around the world that represent the past, present and future of the franchise.


*Crossplay, ProPLAY, The City, MyNBA, and The W are only available on the new-generation of NBA 2K24 and will require PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S hardware to play.

** Discount based on 2K’s SRP.  Exact offer dates & discounts will vary by region and retailer & are subject to retailer’s own terms. See retailer’s site for specific details & terms. Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. 2K is not responsible for the fulfillment of any retailer offer.

For the Standard Edition, offers on Sony valid from 18 October, 2023 to 25 October, 2023. Offers on the Microsoft store valid from 17 October, 2023 to 23 October, 2023. Offers on Steam valid from 16 October, 2023 to 30 October, 2023. Offers on Nintendo Switch valid from 12 October, 2023 to 7 November, 2023.

For the Black Mamba Edition, offers on Sony valid from 25 October, 2023 to 15 November, 2023. Offer on the Microsoft store valid from 17 October, 2023 to 23 October, 2023. Offers on Steam valid from 16 October, 2023 to 30 October, 2023.


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