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5 Reasons why you should get Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden!

Ever since last year, Atlus shocked the world when they made a surprise announcement of the mainline Persona titles: Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden are going to be ported to modern platforms during Microsoft & Bethesda Showcase with Persona 5 Royal being the first of the three come out in October 21 that topped additional 1 million copies sold on Xbox, PS5, Steam, Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms.

After Persona 5 Royal’s successful multiplatform release, non-Playstation 4 gamers get the chance to enjoy the beloved JRPG and that’s another sign to look out for two remaining games and it’s launch in January 19. Without further ado, we list down these 10 reasons why you should get these games as well!


  1. Digital-Only Release

The downside of these games being released digitally is the fact that there’s no physical release which is a missed opportunity for collectors and longtime Persona fans however, the advantage of digital-only release mean you can download it in an instant on its launch day, and no waiting time for your order to arrive! Though the joy of buying a physical copy at your nearest videogame store in its launch day will be missed.


  1. Meet the Other Persona users!


Long before the Phantom Thieves, players will have the chance to experience two of the most beloved Persona classics for the first time in modern platforms.

From Persona 3 Portable’s perilous Dark Hour, a phenomena that appears after midnight to Persona 4 Golden’s Inaba entails a series of murder case and uncharted unknown of the Midnight Channel which manifests another world from one’s television screens.

The players will get to see SEES (The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad) from Gekkoukan High School and The Investigation team of Inaba face these threats head on.


  1. You Can Play as a Female Protagonist in Persona 3 Portable!

While we got Persona 3 Portable’s gameplay and graphics take a departure from its original Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES iterations on the Playstation 2 version due to PSP’s software constraints and in favor a point-and-click mechanics and graphic novel instead of cutscenes.


At the start of the game you opt to play the original and female protagonist, the latter allow you to romance your teammates Akihiko, Ken, Junpei, or Shinjiro; and not to mention other social link events that isn’t available on the original storyline that expands the Persona 3 experience; and top of that, there’s also new tunes for Female protagonist.


  1. Banger Soundtracks

A Persona entry wouldn’t be complete without its soundtrack that set the tone for the games, the timeless immaculate music composed by Shoji Meguro, each entry having a different vocalist give its own identity. Persona 3’s mashup of rock and hip-hop vocals by Lotus Juice, and J-Pop elements with Yumi Kawamura’s vocals give that frantic, adrenaline dangers of Tartarus while Mayumi Fujita’s songs vocals for Female Protagonist storyline feels its own thing that’s mesmerizing and fierce and at the same time it feels it is very-Persona 3.

Persona 4 Golden’s catchy pop songs capture that laidback, countryside feel, and when you listen to Shihoko Hirata’s vocals make you feel you’re in Inaba, even Signs of Love, that background music in Yasogami high campus make you want to put aside your controller and just listen to the music.


  1. HD graphics and New Gameplay Features


The HD upscale of the games’ graphics from PSVita and PSP versions gives a more sharp and detailed textures gives old and new gamers relive these original launch days that transport you back in time.

P3P-P4G-Updates_12-13-22_005-768x432 P3P-P4G-Updates_12-13-22_006-768x432

On top of the graphic enhancements, quick save would allow the player to save any point of the gameplay, without relying to any save point that makes it more convenient.



A difficulty level selection can be changed any time that allow the player to play at their own pace and allow them to take their time.


Lastly, Persona 4 Golden adds an album feature to look back at past scenes that lets them to select other dialogue options that show alternate scenes though it doesn’t change the game’s story progress.

The said additional features will also be available for Steam users on the launch date of these games.

…And there you have it. Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden will come out on Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Windows PC, Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in January 19.




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