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goGame Asks Fans to Sign Petition to Bring Chain Chronicle Global


Back in 2014, SEGA and Gumi announced a partnership to bring back Chain Chronicle, one of SEGA’s biggest mobile hit in Japan, leading the campaign to bring SEGA’s mobile games over to the West. This partnership has since been liquified as the two companies fail to fully realize their collaboration, resulting in a full shutdown of Chain Chronicle on February 29th, 2016 and all hope of reviving the game died shortly after.

Here’s the kicker: Recently, the long-dormant official Facebook page of Chain Chronicle suddenly comes to life in the form of the game’s mascot, Pirika, posting a message introducing goGame, a mobile game publisher, and subsidiary of SEGA, along with what appears to be an official petition campaign to bring Chain Chronicle to Global.

The message reads:

How are my dear Captains doing? Did you miss me? Yes, it’s me Pirika! Our beloved heroes need more time to wake up. In the meantime, meet my friends from goGame and like their page too! Check out the latest and upcoming updates about games that will be coming out soon. Who knows, some very familiar faces might show up unexpectedly!

You can cast your petition here: Bring Back Chain Chronicle! Petition | GoPetition


As of writing, the petition has now achieved close to 3,000 signatures so far, though it’s unclear yet just how many signatures is the campaign’s target.
goGame is the same company that brought us SEGA’s mobile game War Pirates in the West. Though the return of Chain Chronicle is all but confirmed, it seems that the game’s future is ultimately in the community’s hand. The Chain Chronicle Global Facebook page as well as goGame‘s own page, have been asking people to like their pages and show their support.

It will take some effort but we will do our best to bring CC back but we need full support from the community!

If you really really want chain chronicle back, go follow goGame FB and show your love! :). Ask everyone to do so too!

Follow goGame Facebook and if we get enough likes we will do our best to bring CC back!

The pages have recently been pooling quite a bit of effort into getting people to sign a petition. Though fans have previously made a petition on change.org that came out fruitless, having the official pages endorse a petition signing is a different story. There’s still a fair bit of uncertainty regarding the game’s return, however, goGame‘s facebook page, as well as the official page of Chain Chronicle Global, suggests that it is more than possible, provided there’s enough support. Nevertheless, Chain Chronicle fans have nothing to lose by showing their support.

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