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This Monster Hunter-themed PS4 PRO is Fire


Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) announced today that the special design model “PlayStation®4 Pro MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD RATHALOS EDITION” for PlayStation®4 Pro (PS4TMPro) (CUH-7100 series/HDD: 1TB) will be available in limited quantities with a price of PHP 26,480, at the end of January 2018.

This PS4 Pro console comes with the design of a silhouette of Rathalos, the King of the Skies himself — with flames escaping its deadly mouth with an epic illustration of the fearless Rathalos on the gloss finished surface cover of the console, along with the gold print logo and icon as well as placing an emphasis on the angered glare from the wyvern. Furthermore, the bundled DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller will also be a special model with the design of the wyvern’s wing in the color of the flame. Last but not least, the Blu-ray Disc version of the PS4™ software “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD” (to be released on 26th January, 2018/Publisher: CAPCOM CO., LTD.) will be also included for the players to fully enjoy the world of MONSTER HUNTER.  

The bundled software “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD” is the latest installment of the action RPG game series “MONSTER HUNTER” that gives players the thrill of confronting gigantic monsters in the wondrous nature. Players will get to feel the ultimate hunting experience by taking down monsters using everything available in this living, breathing ecosystem, where a variety of ever-changing terrain are also newly introduced.2

SIES is dedicated to bringing the best gaming experience to all PS4™ users and further enhance and popularize the PS4™ platform.

PlayStation®4 Pro MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD RATHALOS EDITION Product Information [Limited Quantity]

Model PLAS-10049HA
Release Date January, 2018
Price PHP 26,480
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Bundle Content ・ PlayStation®4 Pro Console (CUH-7100 series, HDD 1TB) x 1 Original Design・ (DUALSHOCK®4) wireless controller x 1 Original Design・ PS4™ Software “MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD” Blu-ray Disc Version  x 1
・ PlayStation®4 One-Year extended warranty service voucher card x 1

・ Mono Headset x 1

・ Power Cord x 1

・ HDMI® Cable x 1

・ USB Cable x 1

・ Printed Documents

Copyright ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.©2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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