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What You Can Expect From The PS4 4.50 Patch


As of this writing, players who were selected for the beta program of the PS4’s upcoming 4.50 patch (Sasuke) would get to experience first the change that is coming to the console. As per the Playstation website, here’s what we can expect from the next update.

More Space More Games


Even before I owned a PS4, there was been a huge demand from fans that the PS4 should be able to support an external hdd. As they say, you can never have enough disk space. With the upcoming patch, fans should be delighted to know that the Playstation 4 will have the option to store content such as games and applications to an external HDD. The patch will allow compatibility of USB 3.0 HDD up to 8TB in size. However, save content will still be saved on the PS4’s system storage.  The applications on your external HDD would be easily accessible from the PS4 home screen. This help players keep track of the games or applications they recently launched.

Wallpaper Customization


Patch 4.50 will now allow players to use their favorite in-game screenshot as the desktop background for their PS4 home screen. Players would also have the option to dim the function area, which would help keep the icons visible on the home screen even if the selected image is super bright. Images stored using the Photo Mode in Sharefactory can also be edited and used as custom wallpaper. With this patch, players can now take screenshots of beautifully rendered games and use them as wallpapers, sweet!

Notification Control

Prior to update 4.50, the notifications on the Playstation 4 are categorized on the left portion of your screen. With this update, all of your notifications will now appear all in one page. In addition, you get to customize which pop-up notification will appear on your screen!

Playstation Social Media

Another addition to the upcoming update is having the ability to post on the Activity Feed. Now, you’ll be able to post stuff such as text, screenshots or gifs just like you would on your other social media platforms. This would bring variety to the things that appear on the Activity Feed and it would no longer be limited to who’s playing what, game achievements or screenshots. Furthermore, players would now have the ability to share their best gameplay videos through the new screenshots uploaded to the PSN via the Live From Playstation feature.
3D Blu-ray Compatibility


The latest update would also enhance the Playstation VR experience. With this patch, players would be able to watch 3-D movies directly through their PS VR headsets! With the number of features to be added on to the Playstation 4, we can expect that this might be a large patch. For now, we’ll all play the waiting game as we wait for more features to be announced and the scheduled release date within the coming weeks.

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