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First Impressions: GENSHIN IMPACT More Than Meets The Eye

We often say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and MiHoyo’s upcoming sandbox title is about as flattering as games come. While Genshin Impact’s aesthetic and unique design drew interest from JRPG fans, the game was also mired by controversy in line with a few similarities from the Nintendo Switch title Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Fortunately, Genshin Impact does not replicate BOTW’s formula entirely, but improves on it, even. The game houses a plethora of unique features and story beats to set it apart from its spiritual predecessor.

Journey to the Ends of Teyvat

The game opens with a climactic battle between a pair of siblings and a powerful demigoddess. Having bested her opponents in combat, the demigoddess casts the twins separately to parts unknown, setting the stage for Genshin Impact.


The twins and their mysterious circumstances serve as the focal point of the story.

As one-half of the twins, you will traverse the world of Teyvat in search of your sibling, all while fighting monsters, meeting new allies, and diving through the great expanse of the game.

One cannot simply bat an eye on the visual similarities between BOTW and Genshin Impact. Both titles feature an open-world environment filled with mountains to climb, rivers to swim, monsters to face, and treasures to attain. However, Genshin Impact’s party system immediately deviates the game from the rest of other open-world RPGs. As you progress through the story, you will be able to recruit allies with unique abilities and powers. You can switch between each party member in battle and concoct new combos to dish out heavy elemental damage to your enemies.

The combat system is pretty easy to learn.

The combat system is pretty easy to learn.

While the closed beta featured a measly amount of 18 characters to unlock, MiHoyo promises a staggering figure of 30 at launch day, enough to keep you playing for hours.

Yes, catch' em all. Wait, wrong tagline.

Yes, catch’ em all. Wait, wrong tagline.

Mastering the Elements

Aside from the party system, Genshin Impact features a nuanced elemental system with varying effects, cons, and strengths. The elements include Anemo (Wind), Dendro (Nature), Pyro (Fire), Hydro (Water), Geo (Earth), Cryo (Frost), and Electro (Lightning). Each character’s special skills are tied to a specific element affinity, and learning how to combine those skills will help you win each battle. It is also important to recognize the vast differences between these elements in order to exploit your enemies’ elemental weaknesses.

Each element has its own share of pros and cons.

Each element has its own share of pros and cons.

For example, Pyro attacks inflict burning status to your enemies, causing them to suffer damage while said status is active. Cryo skills will allow the player to freeze any target, leaving them open for a flurry of attacks. Electro attacks, on the other hand, will easily stagger Hydro-type creatures and wet characters.

The game also features mini-games which will require your efficient use of elements. The rewards are bountiful, so make sure you’ll ace them as you move along.

A Whole New World

Truth be told, an adventure is only as good as the world you explore. Thankfully, the world of Teyvat is an expansive one filled with varying terrains, beautiful landscapes, diverse cities, and massive dungeons. Your avatar can scale through walls, swim through rivers, and glide in mid-air to reach other areas. Genshin Impact affords an amazing sense of verticality. Having these features allowed me to climb and scour any location I can think of.

Fly high, young hero.

Fly high, young hero.

Moreover, the game rewards you for your pursuit of adventure. Relics and Statues of the Goddess are strewn all over the map. Unlocking them will enable the player to expand the map and unlock new areas. Some relics will also help the character heal ailments, or acquire new elements.

Cooking is also an essential part of the game. Unlocking various recipes will allow the player to heal characters, boost stamina, or augment battle stats. Available ingredients vary from vegetables, fruits, meat, and even raw plants. Cooking is quite easy to learn, and you won’t have a hard time flexing your chef instincts in the game.

An Adventure Like No Other

In conclusion, Genshin Impact easily sets itself apart from BOTW and other open-world titles with its unique features and charming story. Keep your radars clocked in to this title, as the game is definitely primed to make at impact upon its release.

And yes, I intended that pun.

Ah, there's no greater way to end an adventure than by gazing at the sunset.

Ah, there’s no greater way to end an adventure than by gazing at the sunset.

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