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CONQuest 2022: Welcome to the Internet!

The weekend festivities last July 23-24, 2022 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City held 33,000 attendees that celebrated pop culture, games and technology as AcadArena’s largest event to date.

Thousands of CONQuest-goers from all around the Philippines and its neighboring countries gathered to meet their favorite internet personalities, esports idols, and artists out in the open touching grass.

Esports network AcadArena, the festival’s organizer, has delivered top of the line gaming and artist booths, community panels that’s free for all CONQuest attendees, separate meet-and-greet function hall for guests, a free-to-play Just Dance function hall and a collegiate esports tournament during the two-day event. With a massive turnaround from Genshin Impact to Valorant cosplayers, the entire SMX is filled yet again with people who wants to enjoy all things weeb in general.

The event wouldn’t be possible without CONQuest volunteers that kept everything all in order despite the huge line forming outside the convention. Anime-themed buskers can be found outside the function halls for attendees to enjoy while waiting to enter the premises.

Community Panels features internet personalities such as Lilypichu and Michael Reeves from OfflineTV, Genshin Impact’s voice actors – Anne Yatco. Ratana and Christian Banas, Content creator group “Scamily” consisting of Atsu, Nekkopii, Tuonto and BTMC, and a rare glimpse to Vtubers Senz and Bao.

With the success of this year’s CONQuest Festival amidst a pandemic and the passion for conventions here in the Philippines, AcadArena manage to exceeds expectation and elevate the convention experience here in the Philippines.

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