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“I AM HERO” Comics Contest Guidelines

The Rules

I. Participants
1. The competition is open to Individual or Groups (Maximum of 5 individuals ex: writer, artist, inker, colorist, letterer etc)
2. Open to all comic book creators, non – professionals and amateurs nationwide. Professionals are not allowed to join the contest.
3. The stories and characters shall remain a copyright © of their respective creators. The creators, by joining the challenge, will have to agree to sign exclusive online publishing rights to HERO TV, Flipgeeks, Sketchpad Studios and Metro Comic Con, until the winners are announced. This includes previews and submitted pages.
4. If there will be potential for any publication in print, the creator shall be notified first.
5. Participants should also agree that the previews of their works (during the contest) may still remain in, Hero TV and, even after the announcements of the winner. Also, winners of the contest and selected participants will allow their works to be viewed on Hero TV (on-air and online properties) for the next 6 months within 2011,, Sketchpad Studios and Metrocomiccon.
6. Winners and selected participants to allow Hero TV enhance their comic creations via subjecting them to post production processes like editing, etc. to fit on-air requirements. note that the stories, dialogues, character designs, will not be altered.

II. Comics

1. The comics should strictly adhere to a PG-13 code (nudity is not allowed, excessive depiction of genitalia, lewdness, no excessive use of cuss words, gore and violence.)
2. The use of photographs (pics for background will be allowed to be used, but this pics should be edited or photoshopped so that it would not look like the actual pic), filtered pictures, and photo manipulated images (especially those of popular celebrities) as part of the comics is not allowed.
3. The use of stereoscopic 3D techniques is prohibited.
4. The comics can be in full color or in black and white.
5. The comics should be written in English only.
6. Digital drawing and lettering will be allowed.
7. Previously published entries, and those that would be found violating the Intellectual Property Rights of another party and is guilty of Plagiarism/Swiping shall be AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED.
8. The theme is “I am HERO” (True Meaning of Heroism)
9. Contest duration will begin on March 4, 2011 to April 19, 2011 (including Registration)
10. The comics should include 12 pages (including cover page).
11. Any style for the comic will do (Western or Manga)
12. Left To Right Orientation for reading is required.

III. Registration and Submission:

1. Registration begins in March 4, 2011 and end in March 10, 2011. Check registration details here.
2. A minimum of 2 pages should be submitted every Tuesday starting March 15, 2011. Submitted pages will be posted every Thursday on starting March 17, 2011. These submitted pages will be considered as “Preview” pages, so this pages may be unfinished (uncolored, includes layouts only, un-inked, etc)
3. All submissions should be emailed in a 150 dpi format at the following email address:
4. For the “Preview” pages, the subject of the email should be in this format- Hero TV Contest <"Title">
(Example: Hero TV Contest )
5. Name of the Individual or the members of the group (and their respective roles) should be included in the email
6. The last day of submission will be on April 19, 2011.
7. On the last day of submission, the final product (12 finished pages including cover) must be submitted to –
8. For the final submission, the subject of the email should be in this format- Hero TV Contest <"Title">
(Example: Hero TV Contest )
9. The final product should be sent in a compressed .ZIP format or .RAR format – all 12 pages including cover should be included in the compressed file.

Every week, viewers may vote on their favorite entry. Entries that were not submitted for the week wouldn’t be voted for that week.

IV. Contest.

1. Every week of the contest, there will be a voting (voting week) system in Flipgeeks, based on the submitted previews of the week. This will allow visitors/readers to vote on their favorite comics. The votes are important in determining the winner of the Readers Choice award.
2. Participants who failed to pass pages for the week will not be included in the voting week.
3. A distinguished panel of judges composed of professional comic book creators will pick winners for the following categories: Overall Winner, Best Art, Best Story, Best Cover and Reader’s Choice.
4. Only the winners will be given prizes and loot bags.

The “I AM HERO” Comics Contest is brought to us by Hero TV and Metro Comic Con 2011 in cooperation with Sketchpad Studios and

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