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FLIPGEEKS Head to SDCC 2017 to Celebrate the Grandaddy of Comic Conventions

More than 130,000 geeks, comic enthusiasts, cosplayers, and fans descended to San Diego for the annual pilgrimage to celebrate the granddaddy of comic, film, television, gaming, and cartoon conventions.

San Diego Comic-Con.

And SDCC can add another successful year to the books.

There are tons of reasons why SDCC is as big as it is, why people would willingly line up for more than 24 hours to get into a highly coveted Saturday panel at the infamous Hall H.

For geeks of all ages, there’s no better place to be than SDCC.

Thursday, the first official day of the con started off with a blast. To kick off Hall H festivities, Fox gave early con goers new footage and a ton of extras for their new Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel. Honestly, Halle Berry chugging a glass of whiskey was a highlight in and of itself. Over on the TV side, Marvel released new footage for their new Inhumans series (which looked kind of meh).

Nobody really expected anything big on Thursday anyway.

SDCC 2017

Day two of SDCC was dominated by TV. The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Netflix’s The Defenders all had panels at Hall H. AMC released new trailers for both their shows during their panels, which featured a massive end reveal for Walking Dead fans. Season eight can’t come soon enough. While the GoT panel didn’t reveal anything but that was to be expected (their panels have never really been big on excitements and shocks when it comes to teasing fans of what’s to come).

Speaking of GoT, their offsite immersive experience drew a crowd. It always, always had a huge line. Some fans even waited 11 hours just to get inside. And what was waiting for them? Fans were able to sit on both the Dragonstone and the Iron Throne, take videos as the wield a sword and face off against White Walkers. They even come out with cool some cool swag.

Game of Thrones wasn’t the only HBO offsite at SDCC. Westworld also had their own offsite event. Unfortunately, only a lucky few (about 100 a day) who chose to wait for hours and forego the con itself were able to get into the show’s immersive experience that included cocktails.

While Friday was big on TV, Saturday was all about the movies were all dying to see in the next few years. Yeah, some of your favorite superhero TV shows were also at the con, most of the CW shows like The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow did hold their panels at the smaller Ballroom 20. But Hall H were all about DC and Marvel.

Warner Bros started off the day with Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One panel. Yeah, everyone was excited but you know they’re all waiting for the DC reveals.

DC did not disappoint.

Hall H just about exploded when they released a trailer for the Justice League movie. And oh, did I mention that they teased Green Lantern too? They also premiered the very first Aquaman footage. If that wasn’t enough everyone found out that there would be a Wonder Woman 2! Bless the heavens above for more Gal Gadot. Another thing they revealed, Flashpoint! Yep, that’s going to be the title of The Flash’s solo movie. They even showed an awesome new JL poster.

Not to be outdone, Marvel held a 90-minute long panel which featured a new Thor: Ragnarok trailer. But we all know everyone was just waiting for the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer and Marvel did not disappoint (although, SDCC goers were not the first ones to actually see this new trailer, they got beat by the people who went to D23). Black Panther also had a big presence at the Marvel panel. There were also some big reveals about Captain Marvel.


This is what people waited in line for since Thursday night. This is why they slept on the ground for two nights. This is why they dealt with being under the sun for two days with no reprieve. Some who waited for 30+ hours didn’t even get to go in.

Sunday is the day of rests but as it is Comic-Con weekend there was no rest for the wicked. Hall H wrapped up the tiring week with a Supernatural and Doctor Who panels.

But really, Sundays are spent going around the con floor and seeing things you didn’t get to see because you were lining up for the Saturday panels. And there were some exciting things to see.

Justice League costumes were out in full display at the DC booth, along with our best look at Pacific Rim Uprising’s new Jaegers. Marvel also had some costumes from the Black Panther movie. There were some Star Wars displays. And a giant Funko Hulk over at their booth, while WB had a giant Supergirl and Arrow Funkos adoring their own space.

Let’s not forget about the cosplays. Cosplays, cosplays everywhere. And that’s par for the course at SDCC.

Overall, SDCC, like it has for years, was tiring but fun. You’ll spend most of your time in lines that will test your patience but is worth it in the end.

It is where geeks like me and you will always feel at home.

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