Posted July 29, 2018 by Kimberly Mas in Gaming

Revival: Neopets Will Now Be A Mobile Game

Remember Neopets? One of the online games that’s a blast from the past? Neopets has dropped the news in SDCC that they’re making a new mobile game that combines Scrabble and Neopets lore. With that being said, you’re probably scrambling for old passwords and usernames to get in your account again.. and you Neopets are probably dead by now. Time to get some free omelettes again..or maybe not.


This new app’s format will be similar to other games in the puzzle fighting genre; you will battle against other players’ Neopets by playing a word-puzzle game similar to Scrabble. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to take your forgotten Neopets with you.. which isn’t so bad— remember those really corny names you gave them back when you were a kid? However, you can customize your Neopet through items that can be purchased through microtransactions.


Aside from an app, the company also voiced out plans to integrate the game in both web and mobile browsers depending on your preference. It’s set to launch this October for iOS and Android. We’re looking forward to this new Neopets app and probably getting loads of nostalgia too.


Kimberly Mas

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