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APCC 2018: Finn Jones on Becoming The Iron Fist and Fandoms


Music, DJ, Iron Fist and Ser Loras Tyrell are things that make up of a Finn Jones starter pack, a few keywords to get know Iron Fist lead star with second season coming on September 7. The actor, wearing a white collared shirt with gold palm tree prints, jeans and white sneaker sat down with the press with his calm, chill aura brings a lot of positivity on the media session courtesy of Netflix. We joined among the other media outlets, coming from different platforms for a 20 Q&A session, each of us given a a question that the actor allow to have a dialogue as well.

“All Love” – Marvel, Game of Thrones and Studio Ghibli

Being asked which Game of Thrones and Marvel fandom is crazier, those two words is what he said, acknowledging the fans’ love of these two mega franchises and having work on the show for six years, he remained in contact with his co-stars whom he became good friends and in touch, until now and reunite with his co-star Jessica Henwick and move in together in New York, that’s pretty much being in gigantic franchises is a small world after all.

“If a geek means liking things then yeah, I consider myself a geek.” – Finn Jones on being a geek.

Aside from being an Adventure Time fan, even wanting to dress up as Finn at a con, he’s also a huge Stuido Ghibli fans and the surprising part he’s mentioned a lot of his favorite films like Ponyo, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Graveyard of the Fireflies which he comments, “wonderful storytelling.” We can all agree to that and being a casual Miyazaki viewer myself, I’ve only seen Howl’s and Spirited Away, the art alone just really takes you to another dimension.

Being Danny Rand

From the Knight of Flowers to the Immortal Iron Fist, it’s no doubt Finn is all love in in fandom, and much needed discussion on his role as Danny Rand. He left Game of Thrones in December 2015 started in March 2016, a short period of time preparing and adjusting in between: moving to New York, getting in shape practicing fight choreography and martial arts made it seem work and nonetheless, fared well in Iron Fist and The Defenders which is undoubtedly rigorous and takes a lot of time to adjust.

Now with the second season, the English actor delved onto details, detailing his eager onto filming Iron Fist, he poured a lot of time, starting training 4 months before filming in December this time around he step up his game; quoting the words of George Lucas: “more intense”: going into traditional Kung Fu incorporating with MMA with a help of a trainer from Williamsburg, New York and gymnast style in terms of movements.

From the look of the Iron Fist SDCC trailer shows Danny protecting New York, taking on a group of thugs shows a less flashy yet compact, brutal hand-to-hand fight scene shows a different direction, and thanks to Clayton Barber, the fight coordinator of Black Panther the show’s stunt coordinator, whom the actor calls him “a coach more than anyone else”

A new showrunner on the block (Raven Metzner) clearly is a huge fan of the comics, like Finn, lots of love equates to exciting shows for sure, it’s easy to say the teaser has its own dirty, gritty mute green aesthetic.

And of course, there’s meditation and yoga involved. That being said puts a definition, a picture on what a physically, mentally trained Danny Rand in another level in such a way, he is living the character in a way the whole process allow the actor inhibit the character, working on the show, in television format, 12-hour shoot, training before and in between and the actor mentioned he keeps a stack of the comics (and read all of it) at the end of his bed and familiar with the runs such as Ed Brubaker run pretty much says he’s into the character, it’s joy hearing an actor is full of commitment and vast knowledge and passion projects his full dedication ever imagined.

Good Vibes, Good Vibrations

Other than being an actor, he’s also a DJ doing gigs in between, collaborated with Kristian Narin (Hodor from game of Thrones) in Istanbul, sharing their passion for music. He even said if his acting career has dried up, he’d want to be a DJ and just “loves music” and Good Vibrations is a testament his love for it, with cool, funky melodic beats that puts the good vibe when one hears it, listening to Good Vibrations Collections 002 that soothes the soul and just all love, good vibes and good vibrations even if some parts in French that I don’t understand achieves that feel

Despite that being a media time/session, it became a conversation with the actor, the dialogue felt like a fan to one another that echoes good vibe, breaking the line between a celebrity and media nor a Q&A session, it’s a mutual share of welcoming, in a way he somewhat has embodied Danny Rand having that eternal hopefulness as he points out on his one similarly he shares with the character.

Thank you for our friends from Netflix Philippines, Asia Pop Comic Con staff for having us in the media session.

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