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New IRON FIST Comic Book Coming in 2017


Iron Fist #1, cover by Jeff Dekal.

With his Netflix series coming in just a few months, a new solo Iron Fist comic book series is expected to pop up at some point.

Announced in The Hollywood Reporter, a new Iron Fist ongoing from writer Ed Brisson (The Violent) and artist Mike Perkins (Captain America, Deathlok) will debut in March 2017. Jeff Dekal will provide cover art for the series.

The series will take place after the destruction of the mythical city of K’un Lun in Kaare Andrews’ 2014 series Iron Fist: The Living Weapon. Danny Rand travels the world in search of himself and stumbles upon the mysterious island of Liu-Shi, where its inhabitants seem to be fully knowledgeable about the history of the Iron Fist lineage.

“As for where K’un-Lun is and how that affects Danny… That’s going to be a large part of what this first arc is about,” said Brisson. “K’un-Lun is the source of his powers and now that the city lays in ruins, Danny’s connection is severed. This affects his ability to actually be Iron Fist. His whole identity seems to be slipping away from him and he doesn’t know how to hold onto it.”

Brisson plans to build upon the established mythos of Iron Fist, even looking back to the way Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker and David Aja’s Immortal Iron Fist series added so much to the character’s legacy for inspiration.

“What I really wanted to do was to go in and expand upon the established mythology,” added Brisson. “There’s a lot covered — or rather uncovered — in the Brubaker/Fraction/Aja run, and Kaare’s run, that provided opportunities to build upon. K’un-Lun has always had issues with infighting and corruption and everything that happens in this arc is because of that. There are threads from both series that will be followed up on. So, while there’s a newness to everything that Danny is now up against, it also feels inevitable.”

The new Iron Fist title will join Marvel’s comic book lineup for the character along with the ongoing Power Man & Iron Fist and the previously announced Iron Fists by Kaare Andrews and Afu Chan.

Iron Fist is set to debut in March 2017.

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