Posted February 19, 2017 by Dian Raval in Gaming

FFVII Remake and KH 3 Screenshots Revealed

Tetsuya Nomura, the game director behind the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake, recently revealed not one, but two new screenshots at the Magic Monaco 2017 event.


Our titular hero looking for protection behind a sturdy crate.

The above screenshot shows our hero taking cover from enemy fire, giving us a quick look at the game’s first area and a glimpse of the UI. No doubt much of this is still work in progress but it’s all starting to look quite promising, especially this next shot.


I can already feel the fans going ballistic.

The top screenshot shows Cloud and Barret engaged in a high-octane clash with the Guard Scorpion, the original’s first Boss Fight. Here, you can see just how action-packed a boss fight in the Final Fantasy VII remake can be. For comparison, here’s a screenshot of the same boss fight from the original game.


Feeling old yet?

The proud director originally meant to release an entire video but instead settled for new screenshots after being denied the decision. We’re not mad, though, because these two new screenshots are enough to get our hyped-up game juices pumping. Tetsuya did, however, manage to squeeze in one extra screenshot to make up for it.


Olympus world? your guess is as good as ours.

Welp, that’s all Square Enix is willing to give us. We still don’t have anything close to a release date for either of these games, we just hope even one of our expectations makes it in the final cut of the FFVII remake.

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