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For Honor Beta Impressions

For Honor 01.27.2017 -

The beta phases for Ubisoft’s epic melee brawler For Honor have come to a close, but not before we got our fill of the epic medieval action. In case you’ve missed the beta, here’s a rundown of our impressions for Ubisoft’s upcoming Knights vs Vikings vs Samurai mashup.



The game looks absolutely phenomenal. There’s a hefty amount of attention to detail in For Honor that really helps capture the feel of medieval warfare. The thrill of charging through the frontlines, roaring to the top of your lungs amidst scorched earth and crumbling walls is truly spectacular.

Before anything else, the game asks you to pledge your allegiance to one of the three factions. You can still play as any fighter in all factions, but you’ll be representing the faction you chose in the cross-platform metagame Faction War. Matches you play in any of the three game modes contributes to a three-way bid for domination. Players are rewarded with loot throughout a Faction War season with the dominating faction earning extra at the end of each season.

For Honor 02.13.2017 -


Matchmaking in the closed beta was atrocious but is expected given it’s ‘closed’ nature, but to find the same issue in the open beta was a bit worrisome. When a match does go through, the gameplay is almost always smooth despite the varying pings. Hopefully, these kinks get ironed out, like no Ubisoft game ever. Kidding aside, we really should cut Ubi some slack; they always make such grand, ambitious games so there’s bound to be some glitches.

Desktop 02.12.2017 -


For Honor’s beta was a success. Aside from the minor matchmaking issues, For Honor is looking to be a promising release. The beta at least shows that the multiplayer concept is solid, and if the single-player campaign is equally as entertaining, this might be another new IP win for Ubisoft. Hopefully, we’ll get to review the retail copy when it comes out but If multiplayer is mainly what you’re looking forward to in For Honor, we can definitely attest to it being fun as hell.


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