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Fans Flocked RAMPAGE 2017!


League of Legends (LOL) fans and players gathered at the World Trade Center last July 30, 2017 to celebrate Rampage 2017. Rampage is a yearly LOL event that features music, a ton of cosplay, celebrity matches, and of course, prestigious local LOL competitions. World Trade Center was jam-packed with costume-lidded and mech-laden gamers who waited hours to enter the one-day event. The doors opened at 11 am, despite the previous announcement that they will open at 9am. Apparently, the venue had problems with the amount of people entering, and there was a bit of a confusion regarding regular entrance and the entrance for cosplayers. At around past noon, lines were smoothed out and fans were able to get inside the hall.


The main hall was filled with a surprising amount of people, both in cosplay and LoL merch, gaming and tech booths. The entire place had giant LED screens as well so that fans from anywhere inside the hall could watch what was happening on stage. The stage was masterfully crafted, with enormous LED screens and lights.


Cosplayers were among the highlights of Rampage 2017. This year, a massive number of fans entering the hall in their well-crafted costumes. Attendees took this chance to take pictures with their favorite cosplayers. Cosplay Clash, is the cosplay competition unique to Rampage, features cosplayers recreate scenes from League of Legends complete with special effects. From the crowd’s reaction, it was definitely one of the best events of the day. Aside from the cosplay competition, Rampage also featured a musical performance from local band, Mayonnaise.





Aside from the cosplay competition, there was also a Celebrity Showmatch, wherein a team of local celebrities competed in a LOL match. Team Sapphire (Youtuber Emman Nimedez, singer Sam Concepcion, hearthrob Jack Reid, Riot’s very own Spiffy, and model Sachzna Laparan) floored Team Ruby (singer and streamer Ashley Gosiengfiao, actors CJ Navato, Izzy Canillo and Eruption, and Battle MC Sinio Cagasan) in a 35-minute, heart-pounding match.








The event concluded with the cosplay awarding and the Bacchus Pro Gaming Series (PGS), where Team Manila Eagles soared high with an epic comeback against the mighty and feared Mineski League of Legends. Team Manila Eagles brought home PhP 300,000 and will now represent the country in the Garena Premier League regional competition.


Hannah Bautista