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Razer Arena now supports League of Legends; Largest Prize Pool awaits LOL Amateur League

LoL Arena 3

Razer, renowned world leader in gaming software and devices and a pioneering supporter of eSports recently announced that Razer Arena now supports the most popular PC game in the world today, League of Legends (LOL).

Razer Arena will enable players of any skill level- casual, competitive amateur or professional – to easily build, manage, compete or follow custom League of Legends tournaments worldwide.

Razer Arena opens up organization tools to the public which were only previously reserved for select organizers. The program can distinguish Authorized Tournament Organizers from from Normal Users, affording broader license to users whose requests for upgraded status are approved via a simple application process.


The criteria for Authorized status is based upon a user’s established history of success using Razer Arena.

To further the existing support for the League of Legends amateur scene, Razer is additionally sponsoring tournaments with $50,000 scheduled to be paid-out in Q1 2016, making it the largest amateur league prize pool to-date.

“League of Legends is the most popular PC game today, with an unparalleled amount of interest in competitive play. We were one of the first supporters of League of Legends eSports teams, and we’re excited to offer Razer Arena to aspiring amateurs and professionals alike.” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO.

League of Legends on Razer Arena complements the existing Razer Comms League of Legends Scouter feature that provides information about opposing teams at every match start, both of which are available in most regions worldwide. The integration is going be available on all Riot-Servers bringing it to gamers everywhere except China and Southeast Asia.

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