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IMPETUS 2017: E-Sports At The Collegiate Level


This last weekend was the inaugural IMPETUS 2017 DOTA 2 collegiate championships held at High Grounds Cafe, Quezon City organized by the University of the Philippines Gaming Guild (UPGG). At IMPETUS 2017, teams from different UAAP schools battle it out in the 2 day tournament to be crowned the top DOTA 2 collegiate team. E-sports these days is as popular as traditional sports. Events like IMPETUS serves as a training ground for players to prove their skills in competitive games such as DOTA2. E-sports is more than a game and some players even end up making it as a profession. With IMPETUS supporting the e-sports movement and starting at the grassroots level, we may soon see some of these players competiting professionally and may be even representing the country at events like the recently concluded Manila Masters and who knows may be even The International.




What separates IMPETUS from other e-sports tournaments is that it features college players representing their schools. This brings a sense of pride because not only would they be representing themselves or their teams but they would also be carrying their school’s banners. Though, IMPETUS is not affiliated with the UAAP or that e-sports may not yet be officially included in the list of UAAP sanctioned sports, IMPETUS brings that competitive school spirit among the participating teams.





What better way to held IMPETUS 2017 at High Grounds Cafe. This restaurant / gaming lounge is spacious to house all the teams participating as well as their supporters and spectators. Also, participating teams are using high end Predator gaming pcs with a high speed internet connection, which ensures continous gaming with no interruption. During breaks, you need not go anywhere else as High Grounds offers wide range of food selection and beverages to satisfy your appetite.






After two days of grueling tournament, we saw the team of UST.Kangkong coming out on top after defeating ADMU Saltstack and crowned as the first IMPETUS Champions!  UP Gaming Guild has started something great with IMPETUS 2017. With the success of this tournament, it paves way for other collegiate teams to join in the succeeding years to come.

Here’s the IMPETUS 2017 tournament bracket. To learn more about what happened in the tournament or watch tournament videos, you may visit the IMPETUS Facebook page.


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