Posted February 12, 2016 by Josef Hamto in Gaming


It’s me again, bringing more of that DEADPOOL fix to quench your cravings. Some of you must have that empty feeling inside even though you have every Deadpool merch in existence. Believe me, I know that feeling. Most people call that hungry. It usually happens when you spend all of your money on action figures and other memorabilias and forget you have to eat. So, like every other thing in this planet — just do things in moderation.


Sometimes you get that feeling of having that Deadpool tattoo on your forehead is not enough to show the world you are a fan. You can ride around town in a tailor-made Deadpool suit on your 100% manly red scooter and still have that feeling that you still lack the full Deadpool experience. And please, pretty please – DON’T give yourself brain cancer.

In short, just play some Deadpool video games. Here’s some games you can BE Deadpool and its 95% guaranteed to be safe.

Josef Hamto