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Earn Rewards By Playing Games With Razer Cortex


Razer recently started their “Paid to Play” initiative, allowing Gamers to earn rewards from playing games launched through Razer Cortex.

Razer Cortex is a free app that offers a slew of gamer centered features, allowing players to launch their games through the app whilst boosting performance as well as capture screens, record gameplay, and Livestream to sites like Twitch.tv, Youtube.com, and Hitbox.tv. Not only that, but it also enables players to find the best deals from stores like Amazon, GameStop, GOG, and Steam.

By playing games launched by Razer Cortex, players can earn zSilver (digital currency for Razer’s virtual wallet system ‘zVault‘) that can be used to redeem Razer products, discount vouchers, and exclusive swag. “The concept of everyday gamers getting paid to play has never been done before,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer CEO, and co-founder. “Gamers may reap the benefits of a rewards system simply by doing things they’re already doing.”


Supported Games:

There’s only a handful of games supporting this feature so far, but all of which are among the most popular of games with an estimated global audience of 138 million players. Players can earn three zSilver per minute, up to 900 each day.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • DOTA™ 2
  • League of Legends (all versions)
  • Overwatch™
  • Paladins™

Anyone with a verified Razer ID and launches games from Razer Cortex is eligible for zSilver rewards, such as the Razer Mamba Chroma gaming mouse, Razer Blackwidow Chroma, discounts on various products and more.


Even Razer’s limited edition Razer Mug Holder —not available for retail sale— will soon be made exclusively redeemable with zSilver. This highly requested item will be exchangeable for 100,000 zSilver through the zSilver Rewards Catalog. to top it off, until the 7th April 2017, users are awarded 6 zSilver per minute of game time instead of the standard 3.

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If this initiative goes well, we’ll soon see more and more games supporting the program. To get rewarded for simply playing the games we already are is pretty exciting. The only real catch is to launch it through Razer Cortex which, when you think about it, isn’t really a big deal considering the app is incredibly useful. 


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