Posted August 9, 2017 by Hannah Bautista in Gaming

New LoL Champ – ORNN, The Fire Below The Mountain!

Just a few weeks back, Riot Games teased us with a song and poem from the regions of Freljord that speak of a legendary smith with the name of Ornn. Surely enough, as the current Public Beta Environment (PBE) nears its end, the League of Legends social media released a video introducing the Fire Below the Mountain.

Boy, oh boy, does he look good.


Ornn’s skill set is interesting, to say the least. For one, his passive ability has two parts that pertain to him and to his allies respectively. The first part of his passive, Living Forge, allows him to shop from anywhere on the map (yes, you read that right: ANYWHERE) except for potions as confirmed by a Riot staff working on the champion (he’s a blacksmith, not an alchemist). Master Craftsman, on the other hand, enables him to upgrade specific items for his team that further increases his allies’ strengths. Sounds pretty OP, right? However, each player is limited to only one of these upgrades at a time.

His Q ability, Volcanic Rupture, is a line skill shot that provides slow and creates a small terrain at the end of it. After a few seconds, he could use it with his E ability,  deals additional damage and knocks enemies up when Ornn hits a wall. Not only that, his E can also destroy player-made terrain, such as Anivia’s wallJarvan’s CataclysmWeaver’s Wall, etc. Bellow’s Breath, his W ability, gives him a shield and does % current health damage on enemies. What makes this ability unique is that enemies hit by the final part of this ability receives a debuff called ‘Brittle’. Brittle targets who get hit by hard cc take % max health damage and the crowd control lasts for longer. They are also knocked back if Ornn hits them with a basic attack. As for his Ultimate ability, Ornn summons a gigantic ram towards him that slows and applies Brittle to anyone it passes through. He can then send the large elemental towards a target direction and anyone caught by it is knocked up and also applies another Brittle debuff.

From all of teasers and info given by Riot, Ornn seems like a tanky top laner who will be looking to outtrade and outlast his opponent by getting items without having to spend at least 20 seconds recalling and walking or teleporting back to 
lane. With percent damage in his kit, most of his skills being AoE as well, it might not be a surprise as well if players also take him jungle.


Patch 7.16 hits live servers around August 10 in the Philippines. A new cycle for the PBE for testing 7.17 hits August 9, where more information about his stats and skills will be revealed.

Hannah Bautista