Posted April 8, 2018 by Ryan Villanueva in Gaming

The Global Version Of Infinite Defense Has Officially Launched!


Infinite Defense is a 5V5 multi-player, real-time, third person shooter, which was created independently by Halcyon Network’s development team.

Stronghold, Escort, death match, plus more gameplay modes guarantee continuous fun and challenge. Rise through the ranks by competing in ladder or quick play mode. Survival Mode packs the best of shooting and MOBA into one mobile phone game.


Infinite Defense takes place in globalized society where special interest groups fight to control supply of a new form a fuel, dimensional energy. Each character plays a role as members of one of these mysterious institutions, fanatic religious groups, and/or criminal organizations.


At present, Infinite Defense is available for Android and iOS! Interested players can download it now by visiting your app store!

Don’t forget to follow the Infinite Defense Facebook page for more information! Also, check out the links below too:


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