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E3 2014 ROUNDUP: E3 Season Ends With A Bang!

E3 2014 might have drawn to a close, but there are still huge announcements and reveals waiting to be uncovered, so hop in, and read on as we give you our final roundup for E3’s fourth, and final day!

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the release of a new update for their current flagship shooter game Titanfall. It contains two new modes: Wingman Mode, which is basically a two-on-two matchup which requires lots of strategy and planning, and Marked For Death. The latter mode will be choosing one player from each team to be “marked for death”, meaning they will be targets for opposing players in order to claim victory. Their teammates must protect them at any way possible, otherwise, two more in the team will be chosen at the next round. A couple of new cards and customization options for Titan machines will be included as well. This update will be available later this month.

Ever wondered about Link’s new look in Nintendo’s brief teaser for The Legend of Zelda? Or, have you given thought if it’s really him at all? Your guesses are good as ours, as Zelda creator Eiji Aonuma gave a cryptic message about the teaser:

“No one explicitly said it was Link. Every game needs to have a protagonist. You have to have a main character, so we create one that is ultimately supposed to become the player. With each iteration of Zelda, we make this main character and it’s not as though this protagonist is not the same character all the time. It’s just a role within the game that the player occupies.” “That’s something that I tell my designers when they create the character.”


So much acclaim has been given for Assassin’s Creed Unity so far, but what about the seemingly shelved Assassin’s Creed Comet for the PS3 and Xbox 360? Ubisoft’s Tony Key comments, “we haven’t forgotten about our loyal Assassin’s Creed fans on those systems.” He adds that he is aware about most fans not having a next-gen console yet, so that factor is still a big consideration. However, he muses that creating a separate game for the older systems would require lots of resources, and doing it out of love won’t be enough. In business perspective, he is correct. We’re still crossing fingers though for something new pretty soon.

Battlefield Hardline’s Beta is now available, and as per EA, multiple sources will be providing beta keys for the said game. Leaked last month, Battlefield Hardline is the first entry in the first-person shooter franchise that’s not developed by DICE. Visceral Games, which made the Dead Space series, is behind Battlefield Hardline, and as such, DICE is promising continued support for Battlefield 4.

“When the four Crystals are extinguished, Agito, the savior, will arrive.”

As the tagline implies, production has now resumed for the once held-off project Final Fantasy Agito. Originally meant as the title for type-0, Agito makes its way to iOS and Android systems as a free-to-play MMORPG with unspecified in-app purchases. Players will head out on missions, confront enemies in battles “involving the entire Final Fantasy Agito player population,” and craft their own ultimate weapons. Being set in the same continuity as Final Fantasy type-0, players will also have the chance to interact with the said game’s protagonists and key characters in some missions. No release date has been given yet.

And that wraps up our last roundup for E3 2014 week. Thank you so much for following our updates for this awesome event. Stay tuned to Flipgeeks as we give you more geek and gaming goodness!

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