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IMAGE News: Chew, Collider Entertainment, Battle Chasers Reprint

Reported by  Comics Alliance,  they were at the Image Comics Show panel in SDCC 2010 and to witnesses some announcements. TV and comics writer Marc Guggenheim has formed Collider Entertainment, which will aim to bring some of Hollywood’s best creators into making comics. Guggenheim said that Collider will not about having writers “dust off old spec scripts,” but instead creating original comic content.

Collider will be releasing two comics through Image, including “Utopian”, which Guggenheim will be co-writing with his wife Tara Butters, with art by Ryan Bodenheim and Mark Englert. Referring to the book as his first such collaboration that won’t involve a child, Guggenheim said that “Utopian” is about “what happens when the neverending battle for truth and justice ends… and the superheroes find themselves with absolutely nothing to do.” The second series, “The Mission,” will be a supernatural thriller by Jon and Eric Hoeber. It will be interesting to see how fans respond to Collider as an attempt to integrate Hollywood-type creators into the industry in a way that isn’t specifically about comics getting made into movies.

John Layman gave “Chew” fans some great information to, well….swallow. The audience got to see the cover to issue #15, a trifold image based on Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” featuring every character from the series. Two of the characters on the cover will be new to readers since they’re being introduced within the issue. Layman also shared that issue #27 is going to be released in between #18-19, explaining that while “it will seamlessly fit in” with the narrative arc of the book, it won’t actually be collected in the trade in that order. Also? It’s going to involve psychedelic frogs.

Finally, good news for all of you “Battle Chasers” fans out there…

Joe Madureira’s series is going to be reprinted in an oversized hardcover edition with a November release. (It’s about time!)

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