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Marvel’s INHUMAN #1 Cover REVEALED!


The next on-going series for Marvel after this month’s INFINITY would be focused on one of Marvel’s royal family , the INHUMANS. The ongoing series would be penned by Matt Fraction and drawn by one of comics big superstars, Joe Madureira. The teaser cover shows one of the new Inhumans and the story as revealed by Matt Fraction would be his chance to spray everybody with super-soldier serum and see what happens. Fraction also mentioned that in the series thousands or may be millions of new Inhumans will spring up across the Marvel Universe when Terrigen Mists gets released worldwide. As previously reported, Joe Mad would be attending this year’s STGCC. Hopefully he could shed more light on the series during his Singapore visit.

Inhuman #1 cover drawn by Joe Madureira.


Another teaser art shows  different Marvel heroes in their newly redesigned costume as drawn by another comic book star, artist Steve McNiven who has also drawn stories such as Marvel’s Civil War and Old Man Logan. The teaser art also shows Spider-man in his classic costume. Would this mean a return for the original Peter Parker or would it still be Otto Parker in the classic costume?

Inhuman teaser art drawn by Steve Mcniven.


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