Posted December 12, 2016 by Ryan Villanueva in Entertainment

Snorlax In Transit!


Singapore’s Changi Airport has an ongoing Pokemon contest and they’re giving away Snorlax plushies! If you win the contest, not only would you get the Snorlax plushie, it would be delivered right at your doorstep! Just to give you an idea, the Snorlax plushie stands at a height of approximate 5 feet tall, 1.3 meters wide and weighs in at about 12 kg. Imagine how difficult it would be to deliver this by commute!

Changi Airport was able to select their first winner and they chronicled the journey of Snorlax from the airport to the house of it’s new owner.


If you’re in Singapore, the contest runs until December 29, 2016. You can visit this website for the contest details.

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