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E3 2014 Roundup: SONY Unleashes A Whole Load Of Games!

Yes, we’re not kidding: Sony literally upped the ante at E3 2014 by unloading a whole load of upcoming games from their repertoire, which in turn, expands their PS4 library and welcoming new core gamers to the fray.

Bungie Games opens the press show with a gameplay demo of the highly anticipated sci-fi shooter Destiny. They have also revealed that the game’s alpha will be available this weekend with a beta release following shortly.

In addition, a White PS4 Destiny bundle will be released as well once the game hits stores. Okay, again: a WHITE PS4 bundle. This left much of the crowd in agape and amazement.

Order 1886 also reveals a new trailer of its own, this time, teasing us at the storyline of the game, as well as the direction it’s been taking and the gameplay – all in full 1080p glory.

Surprisingly, Fetch also makes an entrance in Sony’s E3 show with the announcement of Infamous: First Light, Second Son’s DLC expansion. The cinematic trailer also reveals that Fetch will be now playable all throughout the said DLC. Another good news: Whether you own Second Son or not, this will still be playable.

Little Big Planet 3 is also for real, as MediaMolecule takes the stage next, explaining the new gameplay dynamics of the third entry in the franchise. And yes, they’re cute as ever. Oops.

After much rumor and speculation, FromSoftware heads out with a new update – or a teaser rather – for the mystery that is Project Beast. Now known officially as Bloodborne, its reveal video does so much in the gore department, and a scary one to say the least.

Speeding up with the competition, Far Cry 4 has a new demo trailer as well, showing us the gameplay mechanics as well as the new visuals for the aforementioned action shooter. What’s more, its new multiplayer feature allows you to invite your PSN contacts even if they don’t own the game. Sweet.

Dead Island 2 is next, with a silly looking trailer depicting a jogger who is oblivious to the fact that zombies are ganging up behind him, killing people and destroying stuff. It was also revealed that the zombies of Dead Island 2 will be featured in Diablo 3’s Ultimate Evil expansion.

Suda 51 returns, this time, with a brand new game called Let It Die. Utilizing a diff. scheme for the graphics than his usual style, the trailer in a sense mocks games filled with action and violence.

Veering away from games for the time being, Sony also announced their newest addition to their mechanical repertoire: The PlayStation TV. Playing in the same vein as the Apple TV, this device will enable users to stream online via the PS4, as well as download music, games and movies. Also, it’ll be priced at just $100.

A spanking new trailer for PS4’s The Last Of Us HD Remastered was also in order, which might have spoiled those who are unfamiliar with the game. Also, some of The Last Of Us’s villains are making its way to Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition. Rough road, Diablo players. Rough road ahead.

Kojima Productions and Konami also showcases their movie-esque trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Melancholy and dread was induced by the reveal, no thanks to the background music playing.

Rockstar Studios follows MGS with a pretty big surprise: The announcement of Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4. The creators also presented a quicktime video showcasing the locale in the game, which is pretty much similar to Los Angeles.

Unexpectedly, WB Games and Rocksteady steal the show with the much awaited reveal of Batman: Arkham Knight’s gameplay trailer, and it did not disappoint. It also featured the Batmobile heavily, plus a scary Scarecrow clinches the teaser, much to the delight of the audience.

Finally, E3 2014’s first day ends in a positive note, as the first teaser for Uncharted’s latest outing, Thief’s End, hits the screen, which in turn elicits applause from the media.

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