Posted January 3, 2018 by Ryan Villanueva in Gaming

ICYMI:Death Stranding Trailer TGA 2017


Death Stranding is an upcoming action video game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment exclusively for PS4. At the moment very few details have been released about the game as to how the gameplay will be, what is the game about, and when is its tentative release date. It’s been said that the game will take place in an Open World and have multiplayer aspects alongside it’s lengthy single player campaign. One thing to note about the game is that it will be using the same game engine (Decima developed by Guerilla Games) as Horizon Zero Dawn. Now if you loved HZD’s look and feel, then you’re going to love Death Stranding set in a much darker theme and directed by Hideo Kojima. All in all, this game title is very much anticipated by the gaming community and has already been nominated in the category “ Most Wanted Game “ in the Golden Joystick Awards 2017 held last November 17, 2017. We expect to find out more about the game this year 2018 and judging by the Game’s trailers, it has a high potential of taking the community by storm.

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