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Dragon’s Dogma: Building the Hype on Capcom’s Action RPG Title of Epic Proportions

Dragon’s Dogma is an upcoming action role-playing game that is developed by Capcom for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 slated for a May 2012 worldwide release.  Dragon’s Dogma is another massive roleplaying game with an open world fantasy setting and some interesting elements. Come on and take the hype train for Dragon’s Dogma here on Flip Geeks.

Dragon's Dogma Building the Hype Flip Geeks Feature

Dragon’s Dogma – The Gist

Driven to seek out the Dragon. They say that the one whose heart is taken by the Dragon is forever changed; their destiny now lies with the Dragon.

Dragon's Dogma The Arisen

A dragon appeared attacked the village. A warior dared to stand against the monstrosity only to get his heart ripped off from him. Death was the inevitable, however, through some unknown miracle, the hero is saved from certain death. Now revived as an “Arisen,” the hero is destined to find and kill the dragon that stole his heart. The hero will start an epic quest encountering mysterious “pawns” aiding him in his quest in the vast open world is filled with all sorts of characters, monsters, and  massive beasts.

Dragon’s Dogma Features:

  • In-depth character customization. Personalize your character but be advised that some of the details of your character may very directly influence the outcome of your adventures.
  • Impressive selection of character classes to choose from:  Fighter, Warrior, Mystic Knight, Strider, Ranger, Assassin, Mage, Sorcerer and Magic Archer.
  • Pawn System. Three more NPCs join the quest of the arisen. Mix and match to gain the upper hand in combat. Train them in battle yourself, loan your pawn or hire the services of other player’s pawn.
  • Epic boss battles. Boss battles are always epic but this time, it takes the joint effort of the Arisen and the Pawns to take down a giant monstrosity.
  • Open-world fantasy setting. Spend countless of hours exploring and hunting the land for adventure along with your pawns.
  • A seemingly perfectly blend of  action and roleplaying elements.

Dragon’s Dogma – Developer’s Diary

I am pretty much hyped up for this Capcom action roleplaying title. I just hope that it would lived up to its hype. Will you be like one of us who’ll definitely get this as soon as it hits the stores this May 24, 2012? Share your thoughts about Dragon’s Dogma on the comments section below.

Dragon's Dogma  2012 Action Roleplaying Game for Capcom FlipGeeks Feature

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