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Dying Light is a first person action survival horror game from Warner Bros. Games and  Techland. Its set in open world where the time of the day has an effect on the gameplay. In the day, you can explore the urban environment which is overrun by a zombies. In Dying Light you get to craft weapons, scavenge for supplies while free running or parkour. At night, the game gets more difficult as the zombies became more vicious and makes it harder for you to survive. Dying Light, as the name suggests,lets you survive the night and wait until morning arrives. Dying Light is like Dead Island meets Mirrors Edge. A nice mixture of the elements of parkour and the action survival horror genre. Based from what we’ve learned from all different zombie flicks that the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse is to RUN.

Dying Light Cinematic Trailer

Dying Light IGN Gameplay Commentary


Dying Light is schedule for release in 2014 and would be available for the PC along with current and next-gen consoles.


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