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The 5 Overlooked Roles of Hugh Jackman

What is the first thing you see when you hear Hugh Jackman’s name? Chances are your brain shows you a picture of a muscle bound shirtless man bearing its metallic claws. Outside of the comic book movies, Hugh Jackman has starred in over 22 films for almost 20 years – and that doesn’t even count the theater credits! Though there were some movies that not a lot of people picked up on throughout his career or at least not celebrated enough like Wolverine. So with the release of Hugh Jackman’s passion project “The Greatest Showman” we’re going to take look back on the overlooked roles throughout Hugh Jackman’s filmography.

Hugh Jackman, The Man Out of Time (Kate & Leopold, 2003)


The guy sure loves being a time displaced 19th century man that’s for sure. Remember how in the 1980s or the 1990s we’d always have that one movie released about a fish out of water comedy of a displaced character going to our world? And by world we mean – New York City. That trend survived even in the 2000s, Kate & Leopold has the same premise where in the 21st century Liev Schreiber creates a portal from a time he dreamed of going, 1876 (we’re not kidding he specifically said 1876). And eventually a man went out to our side and it just happens to be the third duke of Albany named Leopold. He ended up getting housed with a successful career oriented woman who couldn’t seem to settle down…. Well gee, I wonder where this is going?


The movie was written and directed by James Mangold so he has enough experience working with Hugh even before he was attached to the Wolverine movies. If you watched stuff like say – Enchanted or even Howard the Duck it is exactly how you thought where it would go and it had every cliche you could think of. This was right after 2 X-Men movies and this shows to a much wider audience (outside of Australia) his comedic chops and his thespian side as well. It was the early 2000s and after watching this the first time in 2018, I could say for myself that this is a cute feel good movie. You have two actors being charming in their own way and a story that leaves enough room for them to react properly. Though I mostly enjoy the film because of hearing Hugh Jackman say stuff like “Are you suggesting, madam, there exists a law compelling gentlemen to lay hold of canine bowel movements?” with a preppy british accent (he was walking the dog and questions a police officer as to why he needs to use a pooper scooper).


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