Posted September 12, 2016 by GP Manalo in Community

CON STORIES: Asia Pop Comic-Con 2016

Asia Pop Comic-Con recently ended its second run as it yet again offered the complete geek convention experience, with so much to see and do in the con floor for its many attendees. But in the sea of people, we all celebrate what makes us geeky one way or another. For our newest on-going segment, Con Stories we get to go around the con and hear the stories of the average con goer, the cosplayers, photographers, merchants, and even the marshals on how they celebrate their geekdom.



The Dulces


“I’m more in to comics and she’s more into Anime. We’ve been cosplaying since 2012, but we didn’t do themed cosplays before and this year is our first time cosplaying as a family with Masters of the Universe and now Ghostbusters. The kids were always excited to do cosplay. One of my daughters started to suggest what to cosplay and [My wife] and Daughter did Sailor moon and my son as Superman by then. We don’t really do this to compete, but just to have fun together as a family. So far we like what we hear from other people and hopefully by next year, Justice League naman!”

GP Manalo

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