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Rakrakan Festival Is Still The BEST At What They Do



Four years ago we bore witness to the birth of what would be known as the biggest, and loudest music festival there is in the history of OPM.


Rakrakan Festival is in a league of its own, and as far as it goes, no local music festival has come close to how huge Rakrakan Festival had become over the years. It was the first music festival that we experienced with 3 stages highlighting different  bands performing simultaneously. A first in the country, if I’m not mistaken, I was amazed with how they were able to pull it off without one stage overpowering the other. From 3 stages, it became 5 and just last year, 6 stages!

The festival started with 70 artists and today, it has ballooned to 120 artists encompassing all music genres. It’s no longer a rock concert but a true festival, which caters to all music fans from rock, pop, rock, indie, mainstream, punk, rnb, to hiphop.


Every year, aside from the artists performing, I look forward to what Rakrakan would come up with next. True enough, Rakrakan Festival continues to innovate and made the festival a 2 day event this 2019! As discussed during the press conference, the organizers tried to change the format from a one day event to 2 days just like other music festivals internationally.

To put it aptly, it was a gamble that paid off well based on the attendees during the Rakrakan weekend. I went on the first day and the Circuit Makati Concert Grounds was packed, moreso in the evening! It was also the first time that I attended Rakrakan Festival until the last performance. To my surprise, people are still around with energy singing along with their favorite artists! It didn’t even feel like closing time.

I believe that this year’s format is the best to date, as it is a win-win situation for both the artists and fans. Based from my experience last year, it’s hard to pick which artist to watch. 6 stages, even with good intentions, is too much. At one point, fans would need to decide one artist over the other and missed other artists.


For the bands, more people would watch their sets if fans would have fewer choices. As what I’ve witnessed last year, there were stages that have fewer people compared to the main stages. Also, managing three stages is easier compared to six. However, having fewer stages doesn’t mean less performances, it’s even more since it became a 2 day event.


Also, the artist line-up for this year’s festival is balanced. Similar artists performed on the first day such as Mayonnaise, Spongecola, UDD, Tanya Markova, Barbie Almalbis, Quest while Day 2 featured heavier acts such as Chicosci, Urbandub, Franco, Wilabaliw.

Congratulations to everyone behind Rakrakan Festival for another successful year. It truly is an honor being part of this annual event as one of your online media partners. We can’t wait what’s in-store for next year!

Rakrakan Festival 2019: Peace, Love, and Music


If you have yet to attend a Rakrakan Festival, what are you waiting for? It’s great to get lost in the music for a few hours with fellow fans and celebrate how awesome Original Pilipino Music is!

- Ryan Villanueva, FlipGeeks Managing Editor for Music/Tech/Toys/Gaming



It was the fourth time I have attended Rakrakan Festival, and it still feels like a charm. I thought I’ll get used with the number of black-clad fans lining up in droves just to get a peek at their favorite bands, but I guess I was wrong. The fanbase just keeps growing, and it’s amazing to see how the event managed to inspire a diverse spectrum of people through the years.


The event also paid tribute to the band that energized an entire generation of music fans, as the triumvirate of Buddy Zabala, Raymund Marasigan and Marcus Adoro, also known as Ultra Combo, made their presence felt through their performance of known Eraserheads tracks. While it’s a bit sad to see the gang missing one head, the entire 30-minute affair was still something worth staying at.


In essence, the event is here to stay, if the two-day event’s success is any indication. As long as we see the same droves of fans dancing and screaming their lungs out to the tune of Pinoy music, there will always be a place for Rakrakan in the scene.


- Yuri Mangahas, FlipGeeks Managing Editor for Movies/TV/Animation/Entertainment

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