Posted January 22, 2017 by Ryan Villanueva in Events

Rakrakan Festival: OPM Against Drugs, A Music Festival We Can Call Our Own


A week after Rakrakan Festival: OPM Against Drugs our ears are still ringing! Rakrakan Festival did live up to their promise of being the biggest and loudest music festival in the country to date! Rakrakan Festival is a one of a kind music festival. We don’t think that there is any other music festival in the country that can gather 100 different artists in one venue and play in 5 different stages simultaneously. Last year, Rakrakan Festival already had 3 stages, which we really thought was cool but we didn’t expect that they’d even bring it a notch higher this year.




Rakrakan Festival welcomes all music fans. Regardless of what genre you’re listening to or a particular artist that you’re a fan of, there’s going to be a stage that would suit your taste. Over the years, people kept on saying that OPM was dead but events like Rakrakan proves that it isn’t. At Rakrakan Festival, you get to see different local independent and mainstream acts.




As long as there are Filipino artists continuing to perform and Filipino fans supporting local music, OPM will never die, well, it never did. Rakrakan Festival is a great avenue to promote homegrown music and highlight our local artists. The 100 artists that performed at Rakrakan Festival is only a fraction of OPM, this only proves how rich our country is when it comes to musical talent. There’s still a lot of artists in our country that are waiting to be discovered and be heard, let’s continue supporting our local music scene; go online, go out and watch gigs, continue supporting OPM and we’ll definitely have more artists to look forward to each year at Rakrakan Festival.




Rakrakan Festival has started a music revolution and we could only wonder what they’ll do next. Congratulations to everyone behind Rakrakan Festival: OPM Against Drugs. We greatly appreciate and we are honored to be one of your community partners for this year’s event. Rakrakan Festival: OPM Against Drugs was off the charts and we are already looking forward to next year’s festivities!

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