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CON STORIES: Asia Pop Comic-Con 2016



Vinni and Elliot


Vinni: “I’d like to stay in character as much as I can because you’re going around these places and you’re not just suiting up for yourself but also the fans who celebrates the fandom with you. I guess it adds another layer of geeking out.”

Elliot: “When I first started cosplaying I remember this one comment saying that it felt like we were working in Disneyworld because a lot of people get really excited to see you and it makes you really excited to be there with them and it’s really awesome to come to conventions and meet people who loves your character just as much as you love them. And especially when people talk to you in character as they play along and especially when you meet kids and they genuinely believe you’re that character. That’s something really special and I don’t think you could get anything like that in theater.”

“I only started cosplaying last year at APCC, and it was really easy for me to do because I’ve been in theater for so long. And it was a great way to do for me to do performance even though I’m not on the stage so in a way it’s helping me keep up my craft when I’m not actually working as an actor.”

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