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PGF 2014: Graywalkers Preview

We were fortunate enough to get a hands on preview of Dreamlord Digital‘s upcoming game during this year’s Philippine Game Festival organized by GDAP (Game Developers Association of the Philippines). The game which is titled “Graywalkers: Purgatory” is a turn-based RPG hugely inspired by XCOM, Fallout and Jagged Alliance.

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When we got the rare chance to speak with Mr.Russell Tomas (Founder and CEO of Dreamlord Digital) , he told us what they envision the game to be, and it was awesome indeed. The game is set in a post apocalyptic setting somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean when the place once called Bermuda Triangle emerges from the sea to form a new land mass. The land, now called ‘Purgatory’ was formed when a cataclysmic event called the ‘Rupture’ merged parts of heaven and hell straight to our world.

The game employs much of the turn-based action we all used to love from classics such as Baldur’s Gate, Heroes of Might and Magic and more. The cool thing is that asides from the standard role-playing elements, players are also given the challenge of monitoring current situations within the world where it affects resources and reputations within different factions. Decision making would also be a huge game-changer when it comes to choosing who to side with the world constantly changing even without your actions affecting it.

The level of detail given to each character is surprisingly amazing. When I got the chance to sit down and play the game for a bit, the first thing I noticed was how much attention was given to each of the characters you see on your screen. I was even surprised when Mr.Tomas mentioned that there will be at least 40 characters that you will be able to recruit while the game progresses. This aspect of the game is very much reminiscent of the Suikoden series.


When it comes to the game’s soundtrack, it didn’t disappoint. Most games tend to bore you with sleepy tunes while matching it with the turn-based action. Graywalkers: Purgatory had tapped the talents of Cedric Baravaglio, an up and coming game music composer with his movie soundtrack worthy creations.

It is quite awesome to see a game with this much potential being developed by our own countrymen and we hope to see more from them soon. Greywalkers: Purgatory is now officially greenlit by Steam and they’re just awaiting 100% completion on their Kickstarter goals. If you’re interested to learn more, here’s the links for your viewing pleasure:




Check back for more on our PGF coverage within the next few days.

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