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Ragnarok Origin Makes A Spectacular Debut!


The press conference for Ragnarok Origin was held last April 3rd. The highlight of the event was when Ragnarok Origin’s Filipino ambassador, Yassi Pressman, made a dazzling appearance. Yassi Pressman is a popular celebrity with massive social media followers and notable influence in diverse fields, including modeling, acting, singing, and gaming. Moreover, she is not only a gamer but also a dedicated fan of RO.

At the press conference, behind-the-scenes footage of Yassi Pressman’s enthusiastic filming for Ragnarok Origin was showcased, creating a buzz among the audience. Yassi expressed, “Gaming has always been a passion of mine, and RO was my first love in mobile gaming. It holds many precious memories, and I can confidently say that I am a loyal fan. Collaborating with Ragnarok Origin has always excited me. During the TV commercial shooting, the nostalgic scenery of RO and the intricately designed character costumes were very impressive and gave me a feeling of first love.”

Yassi Pressman also shared that Ragnarok Origin follows Ragnarok Online in terms of classes, art style, scenes, and gameplay. While maintaining the classic elements, the game also introduced fresh ideas. Yassi is particularly excited about the new guild gameplay and hopes to lead her guild to victory in the ROO major leagues. At the same time, she was intrigued by the charming gameplay elements specifically designed for female players.


Multiple high-level GV executives made an appearance at the event in addition to the stunning Ragnarok Origin ambassador. Among them were Yoshinori Kitamura (GRAVITY Chairman, COO, and Gravity Game Hub CEO) and Harry Choi (Gravity Game Hub President), who spoke on stage and shared valuable insights on the game’s development process.

Ragnarok Origin was Enthusiastically Praised by Gravity Executives

First love is an unforgettable memory for everyone, from the first smile to the romantic walk on the beach, those beautiful moments are what we hold dear in our hearts. Similarly, games like  Ragnarok Origin are the first love for many players that still bring back the purest joy even after many years. At the event, Robin Ng, the COO of Gravity Game Hub, shared the team’s desire to recreate the feeling of first love through Ragnarok Origin, satisfying the RO fans and bringing back the memories of youth.


  1. Ragnarok Online brings back memories.

For countless gamers, Ragnarok Online holds a special place in their hearts as their first gaming love. The memories of the original and purest form of joy remain with them even after many years. In his speech, Robin, the head of GV SEA, shared his aspiration for Ragnarok Origin to deliver an authentic RO experience. This will enable players to relive their cherished memories and fulfill RO fans’ “first love” sentiment, which is the development team’s topmost priority.

Furthermore, GV executives emphasized their dedication to preserving the authentic environments and original artwork of RO, while also preserving the unique classes and cherished features of the PC game, such as AFK leveling and challenging MVPs. In addition, to emulate and enhance social interactions in the modern online world, ROO underwent a comprehensive revamp of its bonding system, aiming to help players discover like-minded partners, create a strong sense of community within the game, and promote personal growth.

Now that Ragnarok Origin has been officially released, players can play the game on both mobile devices and PC. Players can embark on a new journey in the enchanted land!


  1. ROO created four major events with innovative gameplay and a new guild system.

The game also offers a pet and mount system that offers adventurers heartwarming companionship, which adds to Ragnarok Origin‘s innovative gameplay. With hundreds of adorable pets and mounts to choose from, these adorable creatures are your best allies on your journey.

Ragnarok Origin announced its intention to create a cross-server guild league and introduce innovative esports gameplay, enabling guilds and adventurers to battle for the honor of being the strongest guild. The game will host four major esports events, the “Odin Cup,” “Thor Cup,” “Loki Cup,” and “Valkyrie Cup,” which will take place offline in various cities, providing an exciting and thrilling esports experience. 

Major Leagues

  1. Enhancing all players’ gaming experience through fair competition.

Apart from competitive guild events, guild gameplay has brought players closer together. Players can party and defeat bosses together, and receive various rewards. All game modes trigger the bidding system, and auction proceeds are shared among all guild members. This provides an enjoyable gaming experience for both big spenders and free-to-play players.

In addition, Ragnarok Origin provides a special guarantee mechanism, as well as random card drops and refining systems to help adventurers grow easily. Additionally, MVP bosses reward players with rare in-game items, making them stronger over time!

The release event was filled with excitement and all streamed live online.


The entire ROO launch event will be available on Ragnarok Origin Official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel, providing an exciting spectacle for Ragnarok players. The event lasted for two hours and featured various interactive activities, prize draws, and performance by popular Filipino idol group MNL48.

Attendees could also try out various game features on multiple mobile devices and computers provided at the event venue.


Ragnarok Origin is now available for download through the Apple Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, or OPPO App Market, or by visiting the official website to download the PC client. Prepare to embark on an exciting new fantasy adventure in RO!

To keep updated on the latest game details and events, be sure to join the official Ragnarok Origin Discord community and follow their Facebook page.


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