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Deadpool Game Preview

Fanboys (and girls!) better get ready to grab a copy of High Moon Studio’s upcoming Deadpool game this June 25th. Wade Wilson will finally make his debut for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. After what most fans consider a huge disappointment with his appearance on Wolverine: Origins movie, this would be a great way to see the “merc with a mouth” show his true form.

Deadpool will be appearing with his usual gun-slinging, sword-swinging and “breaking the 4th wall” antics. The game itself is going to be a mix of 3rd person shooting with a bit of button mashing for sword fights, crazy stunts and witty dialogue from the man himself. This game should be good considering that Deadpool himself is doing the promoting and building up the hype in his most recent comic series run. Watch for the full review once we get a hold of the full-version of the game next week!

Here are some screenshots courtesy of GeekInsider.com

“Just one more ride pleaaaaaase????”


“Shhhh! I’m going to road test these awesome mallets I just got a while ago!”


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