Posted August 24, 2017 by Hannah Bautista in Gaming

Sims 4 Finally Has Pets!

Sims 4 fans, rejoice! A new expansion pack has landed and it involves cuteness overload: Sims can now have pets!

Previous versions of Sims (namely Sims 2 and 3) also had pet expansion packs, and they were usually the last ones to come out because of the details they needed. You can tell that this expansion pack also received the same kind of dedication as players can have the same level of detail with pet creation as with Sim creation. Aside from being able to customize fully your furry little friends, you’ll be able to get accessories and special outfits for them, just like real fur parents. Each pet even has its own detailed personality, so no pet would ever act the same as another.

The expansion pack also comes with a new career: the Veterinarian. Sims could now become vets and put up their own pet shops. It also unlocks a new area named Brindleton Bay. In this area, you can talk a walk in the park with your pet, meet up other pet-loving Sims, and even pick up strays that you can tame and take home.

The expansion pack is set to hit the shelves in November this year.

Hannah Bautista