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SIMS 4 Officially Revealed!

Hey guys! I know some of you folks are still playing with The Sims 3 after all this time especially with all those add-ons and DLC’s out in the market. Well I’m here to tell you to say goodbye to that game soon since a new one is coming out really soon! (I know, it’s hard to let go of your virtual self and home.)

A few months back I wrote about updating you folks on this game and providing you with more details with what it would actually look like. Well the long wait is over and we finally get a tease on what’s to come for the newest addition to the Sims series! EA‘s presentation at this year’s Gamescom event did not disappoint. We got an early look at what changes were made and how EA plans to make this game as addictive as it’s predecessor.

Here’s the official reveal trailer for The Sims 4:

Following a really cool and well made trailer, EA showed us a glimpse on some major changes to character creation and home-building which I will discuss briefly later on. We also got a preview on how the characters respond to emotions and the way it will affect their interactions with other sims.

Now for the fun part: character creation and building a home hasn’t been this easy. Instead of using sliders, players would now have more freedom in terms of customizing how your sim looks like. It would be as easy as “playing with clay.” In terms of building a home, players would now notice a vastly improved wall-dragging extension system. Fully decorated rooms can now be attached and reattached with a single click.

You can see the actual changes in the following gameplay trailer released by EA themselves.

Sims 4 is expected to hit shelves early 2014 on PC & MAC

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